Up until now... and the story beyond.

Up until now... and the story beyond. - Relevant Finds
  • / / Hi welcome to the awesome new blog spot for Relevant Finds All Natural Treats for Dogs! This is the place where I will share our exciting new product launches, tail wagging discounts, current sales and insight into who we are and what we currently have going on. But first, allow me to say: Thank You and welcome to our Safe Space for dogs of all sizes and breeds.
  • Who are we? We are Relevant Finds: All Natural Treats for Dogs. The shop for heathy treats and snacks for your four legged family member which promotes an active lifestyle, self love, beauty and strength. Not just another "Walk in the Park" dog treat store, Our products cater to the body, mind and yes, the Soul of everyone who enters our domain. (Thin
  • k Soulmates only exist in human kind? Think again! It's Possible and not unimaginable, that your beloved dog has been waiting at your door, snuggling your lap and guiding you through time.)

What we currently have going on? Well, above all else is Love. We focus on finding small batch American Made treats for dogs. Made by Real People and not unemotional machines or corporations. People who know that dogs Smile and obey when given a treat made with love. As Pack Leader/ designated human, it's your obligation to do the same. "Treat me, like you Love me." Says every dog ever. Tasty treats, made with love. That's what we're on. Training and obedience lessons just got easier! Or should I say "Meatier?" With our newest product item The name says it all. But this blog post isn't about the physical and mental benefits of the only beef tendon chew your dog's need.

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